Wheelchair Around the World

Wheelchair Around the World is the heartwarming and inspiring account of Patrick and Anne Simpson living out their not so uncommon dream – to travel around the world after retirement. But they had to cross a major obstacle: Anne – debilitated by a rare joint disease and in spite of nearly overwhelming odds – would have to travel by wheelchair. But this book is more than just about a trip: it’s about overcoming unforeseen problems as they occur; it’s about opening our hearts and minds to God’s love in God’s world; it’s about courage, faith, hope and – yes – love.

Patrick and Anne hope to help pave the way for other physically challenged travelers.

This book will undoubtedly entertain armchair and wheelchair globetrotters alike, who will get a sense of these faraway places through Simpson’s firsthand accounts.


 The book also includes several appendixes and an extensive bibliography intended to help other physically challenged travelers plan their own trips with some foreknowledge of wheelchair accessible facilities, hotels and transportation.